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Poetry   |   Memoir

Surviving: Visual Poetry Anthology


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Internationally exhibited fine artist Madison Cowles Serna brings you SURVIVING, an anthology of visual poems created from the author's own experiences as a survivor of sexual assault. Each story is accompanied by emotive abstract imagery and arranged to encourage the reader to spend time with each passage. SURVIVING is created from moments of heartbreak, fear, and cruelty dealt from multiple perpetrators against backdrops of grainy risograph reproductions. You can feel Cowles Serna's battle with confusion, guilt, and finally, understanding her trauma. She uses her journey to empower others.

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Sci-Fi   |    Horror


Alex Senter, a sarcastic sign painter by trade, is perpetually drifting in and out of dream states. After a brush with death, her timeline becomes disjointed. She can no longer tell what is real and what is a dream. Alex undergoes a psychic journey to discover the truth, but monstrous entities will do whatever they can to keep her from it.



Tether: A Dream of Two Brothers

Al is an unbelievably average Shuttle Wellbeing Coordinator III. He has made a career of keeping others safe, including his brother, and being at the peak of the bell curve in every way. After one tragic morning, Al enters a reality where he ceases to be unexceptional.


Art Book

Face Us: Surreal Portraits

Internationally exhibited artist Madison Cowles Serna brings you a curated selection of surreal portraits. This book features a variety of invented figures in media ranging from acrylic paintings to screenprints to digital illustrations. A unique, varied, and colorful experience from the first page to the last.


Poetry   |   Memoir


This short work is an examination of intimate partner violence experienced by the author. Through the creation of Circles, she finds similar patterns in the chaos and pain created by different individuals. "If I had seen or heard more examples of intimate partner violence, maybe I would’ve known what was going on. I used to wonder if perhaps knowledge would’ve made it easier to escape. It’s like a formula that I could never put together but that I can understand in hindsight."

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Poetry   |   Memoir

Innerworld: Poems & Illustrations

The second poetry collection from artist and author Madison Cowles Serna, Innerworld comprises dreams, grief, trauma, and hope. In an open battle with fear, anger, and existential dread, the author speaks to the universe and directly to perpetrators of harm. Several poems are accompanied by detailed ink illustrations that embody the related works.


Dark Fantasy   |   Romance

Love for a Head

Harriet is a skilled herbalist traveling to a Moon Festival with her partner, Seamus. When she begins to have haunting visions of her lost love Ewan, she sets out on a metaphysical journey to uncover the truth about his mysterious death. Harriet must confront her deepest fears as she navigates treacherous landscapes and uncovers dark secrets. A captivating tale of love, loss, and the power of the mind.


Art Book

Every Style, Every Mood Coloring Book

This coloring book contains 50 original illustrations in a variety of styles for adults and teens to color. Styles range from spooky and surreal to playful cartoon figures, portraits, animals, and abstractions. The complexity of the designs also varies from fairly complex with small details, to simple open images. This book is perfect for every mood, or if you're feeling indecisive about what kind of image you want to color!

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